Dalshabet teaches you the point-choreography for “JOKER” on 1theK’s “Let’s Dance”

Dalshabet takes fans through the steps of “JOKER” on the latest segment of 1theK‘s Let’s Dance, revealing the names of each steps as well.

Members Subin and Serri starts of the dance tutorial by taking you through the first step titled “Thank You Grace Dance!” after a short skit between the two, and is followed up by the “No Joke Dance” led by Jiyool, Ah Young, and Woohee, who jokingly says that she is the hidden card of Dalshabet.

The group completes the third step “The Joker Dance” with Subin, Woohee, and Gaeun leading, but not before discussing what it takes to be the girlfriend of Joker.

In other news, Dalshabet has been given the green light to perform “JOKER” on KBS Music Bank after resubmitting the track with modified lyrics to the broadcast station. The group will be performing the song for the first time on the channel this weekend on April 24th.