Dalshabet’s Subin teases with acoustic performance of “Joker”

In a recent episode of MBC’s Quiz to Change the World, Dalshabet’s Subin delivered an acoustic rendition of the group’s upcoming title track for fans to enjoy.

Although the groups music video teaser and image teasers are sexy and glamorous, this acoustic version accompanied only by a guitar is a stripped down, classy track.

Dressed in a fashionable floral cardigan over a simple white t-shirt, all ears and eyes were on her during this little show. Subin’s emotional and jazzy vocals had the whole audience captivated while getting a sneak preview of the track “Joker.” The preview was short and sweet but surely enough to get fans excited for the group’s comeback in the next few days.

Dalshabet will be returning with their mini-album and title track music video on April 15th.

Check out the teaser here:

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Posted by Dalshabet on Saturday, April 11, 2015