Daniel Henney leaves a message for “Big Hero 6” fans

Disney’s Big Hero 6 has had immense success in Korea since its release on January 21st and Daniel Henney sat down to share his gratitude in a short video message.

Korean-American actor and model Daniel Henney voiced the character Tadashi, Teddy in the Korean version, in the animated movie Big Hero 6.

The star shared his thank you message by posting on his Facebook fan page. The video message says, “Greetings. I’m Daniel Henney who voiced Teddy. Nice to meet you. Big Hero 6 reached 2,000,000. Wow! I am extremely grateful! I am thankful for all your support and love! Thank you so much. It’s really amazing. My concept today is Teddy’s style. What do you think? It’s good, right? Now, should we aim for 3,000,000? 5,000,000? Fighting! Thank you. Love you.”

The description attached to the video says, “Big Hero~ I thank you for all the support and love. Okay~ Let’s try to get to 3,000,000 or even 5,000,000? Love you all. THANK YOU SO MUCH. #BigHero #Teddy #DanielHenney #Breakthrough2million #upto3million5million

Congratulations Big Hero 6 for exceeding 2 million ticket sales in Korea!

Daniel Henney also shared a fun collage of himself sharing the same facial expressions as Teddy.