[★VIDEO] “Dating Alone” MCs swoon over drunk Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

On the February 14th broadcast of JTBC’s Dating Alone, MCs of the show swooned over the image Girls’ Generation’s Yuri as she showed her cute expressions while slightly drunk.

This new variety show features virtual dates with top stars such as Apink’s Eunji who starred as the show’s first virtual girlfriend. Now, Yuri has joined the roster as the second female guest with her adorable personality and eye-catching smile.

In one of the dating missions on the latest episode, the MCs got to enjoy a date at the club. While taking drinks with the virtual Yuri, the MCs and participants such as GOT7’s Jackson, Sung Si Kyung, and Kim Min Jong swooned over Yuri’s drunk image after having rescued her from an awkward situation with another man.

Jun Hyun Moo then stated that he would like to screen-capture the image of Yuri and keep it at home while Jang Dong Min echoed his sentiments as he cried he would like to have the image as his phone wallpaper.

Other scenes in the episode showed the artist’s caring side as she played the role of a doctor and her aegyo as the virtual date took a stroll through the city night with pauses at a nice cafe.

Check out a segment from the episode here:

Source: OSEN