Davichi releases making of footage for “Cry Again”

After Davichi released the music video for the emotional track, “Cry Again,” the duo released the making of footage for their newest song.

Throughout the short video, fans got to see another side of the girls of Davichi as well as the male lead as they were on the set of the music video. Although the weather was quite cold, Davichi and the crew kept their professionalism and finished shooting as the day went on. Not only did the video showcase the talents of the duo and the male lead, it shared a glimpse of certain scenes such as the eye-catching kiss scene.

The music video for “Cry Again” was released on January 20th and emphasizes the story of a break up. In addition to releasing the music video for the emotional track, Davichi released their new mini-album, Davichi Hug as artists under their new agency, CJ E&M on January 21st. Davichi Hug includes two different track titled, “Cry Again” and “Sorry, I’m Happy.”

Take a look at the special footage of their “Cry Again” music video here: