Davichi reveals heartbreaking “Some” prequel with “Two Lovers” MV

On March 17th, ballad vocal duo Davichi made their comeback with the release of their track “Two Lovers” featuring Mad Clown.

Featuring actor Do Sang Woo of It’s Alright, It’s Love, the music video shows the heartbreaking story of the two girls as they fall in love with the same man.

The girls recently teased fans with a music video teaser and even revealed some behind the scenes shots showing the beauty of Hong Kong while they filmed. Now, fans can enjoy their sweet vocals with the full release of “Two Lovers.”

Written by the same composer who penned the hit “Some” by Junggigo and SISTAR’s Soyou, Xepy, the song serves as prequel to the duet. Davichi’s smooth, clear vocals meet the mid-tempo hip hop inspired backtrack. Mad Clown’s rhythmic rap vibes well with the laid back beat and accompanies the girls on their food travels through the city.

However, while they enjoy themselves on their respective dates and moments together, the conclusion of the music video reveals the horrendous truth about the three’s now complicated relationship.

Check out the music video here: