Davichi reveals mystery rapper in “Two Lovers” MV teaser

After teasing fans with the release of the official concept image teaser for their upcoming single “Two Lovers,” Davichi returns with a preview of their music video.

Teasing fans through their official Youtube on March 16th, Davichi delights fans with glimpses of their recent video shoot in Hong Kong. Fans were also able to find out the rapper that the duo have been hinting about for the past few days and revealed that they will be working with rapper Sangwoo.

The main point of the video is the scene where Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung are on opposites sides of each other, sitting alone with Sangwoo as the male lead character sitting idly in the middle. When a camera angle catches all three members sitting from the back, a question mark and a heart appear, suggesting that there is only one girl who will win Sangwoo’s heart.

The release of the official music video is expected to be on March 18th.