Davichi takes first place on KBS Music Bank

On the February 6th episode of KBS Music Bank, the ballad vocal duo Davichi continued their streak by taking home the first place trophy for “Cry Again” over INFINITE H.

The girls won a victory against INFINITE H, taking home the win with 5748 points over the boys who sat at 5210 points. Davichi accepted their trophies and victory with surprise and gave their acceptance and thanks with their eyes glowing.

Again they thanked their DAVICHI CHORD fans before the MCs Park Seo Jun and Bora signed off. As Lee Haeri began to sing for the encore stage, the energetic Kang Minkyung showed off an adorable dance despite their winning track’s mellow tone.

The group has already taken home wins from Music Core and M! Countdown, showing the great success and popularity that their latest mini-album Davichi Hug has achieved so far.

Source: My Daily