Defconn reveals “SLEEPWITYA” and “Frankenstein” MVs

On April 17th, Defconn dropped the 19+ rated music videos for the comeback tracks “SLEEPWITYA” and “Frankenstein.”

The rapper recently teased with two steamy music video teasers for these tracks and these official music videos bring even more sexy scenes and innuendo to accompany the straightforward lyrics.

“SLEEPWITYA” features model Hong Ji Myeong as its male lead and sings the honest feelings of men and women in this new age. The lyrics hold no deliberation or hesitation while paying tribute to a laidback hip hop style.

On the other hand, “Frankenstein” shows a eerie and dark story. The music video begins with a scene of assault before Defconn showcases his powerful presence in a dimly lit room.

The artist also released his album, I’m Not A Pigeon on April 17th.

Check out the music videos here:

Source: X Sports