Defconn shares 19+ video teasers ahead of comeback

Returning with his new album I’m Not A Pigeon, rapper-songwriter Defconn gave fans a sneak peek as to what they can expect for his comeback with 19+ teasers.

Ahead of his comeback scheduled for April 16th, Defconn revealed two new 19+ video teasers for the fans. The first teaser released on April 13th was an eerie and suspenseful one where a man was seen bloodied and blindfolded, and seemingly in a hostage situation. At the end of the teaser Defconn was seen making an appearance as well.

The teaser for “SLEEP WIT YA” was the next one released on April 15th, and was a complete turn from his first song. The second video showed the explicit side of his comeback, and showed hot and steamy scenes of a couple throughout the short clip. Defconn, who shows up for a couple seconds, makes his appearance with a woman posing near him.

Defconn’s last release was back in January when he released the music video to “Father” for his mini-album project DEFCONN, Miniproject Vol.1: Mr. Music.

Check out his teasers below: