Dia releases enchanting “Paradise” MV

On December 10th, vocalist Dia revealed the dream version of the music video for her latest track, “Paradise.”

Following the December 9th release of a video teaser, this music video shows the enchanting story of a young, blind violinist.

Filmed primarily in black and white, the video directed by Lim Ji Hyun seems to have a dark yet inspirational tone to it. Although the violin’s strings have been snapped, the child does not give up and confidently puts the bow to use. In different scenes, a lost woman is shown running through the streets at night, flustered and confused.

Just as in the music video, the song itself has a heavy focus on strings, using the emotional color of string instruments to heighten the sense of drama in the track. The orchestral timpani combines with the consistent and driving beat of the percussion to support Dia’s soft yet steady voice.

“Paradise” is from her special single album, Dia in Paradise.

Check out Dia’s “Paradise” here: