DIA’s Eunjin makes a “One of a Kind” transformation on “Hip Hop Nation”

DIA’s Eunjin made a stunning image reversal as she attempted to perform her own cover performance for G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind.” 

On October 25th broadcast of jTBC’s Hip Hop Nation, Eunjin auditioned for the celebrity panel with her own rendition of the track. She started the performance with a shy smile before she showcased her own rapping style for the cover. As innocent as she looked, the young singer managed to impress a few judges for decent rap skills.

Eunjin’s brilliant dance performance also captured praise as she showcased a quick dance showdown.

The celebrity panelists, on the other hand, were surprised to see Eunjin shed her pop, cute image as she attempted to impress them with her first rap and dance challenge. Eunjin passed the audition and progressed to the next round.

Source: Dispatch