DJ Hanmin says “Lets Do It BBASAE” with Crispi Crunch in latest MV

DJ Hanmin has teamed up with hip hop group Cripsi Crunch for their latest collaboration tract “Let’s Do It BBASAE.”

Starting out in a car before moving on to the street as they rap, the duo gives off a swag intro, the beat picking up as Korea’s club nightlife comes to life. Fans can check out the dancing guys and girls jamming to the music with confetti flying all around, and it makes the party atmosphere seem really fun!

Cripsi Crunch shows off how they can control a crowd and show them a good time as they perform on stage. The clubbers hold up lights that illuminate the darkness as the location changes to a concert in a stadium. It also seems like a nonstop good time at the clubs and concerts in the music video, as the crowd is seen jumping up and down to the beat.

Fans were able to see the DJ and duo team up in a release with DJ Ferry titled “Nice Shot Boss,” and were recently featured on 1thK’s segment titled “K-pop Rare Clip.”

Check out the epic music video below!