Dok2 reveals “RIATCH” MV + more on Mnet’s “4 Things Show”

Rapper Dok2 released his new track “RIATCH” after disclosing the new music video of the track on Mnet’s 4 Things Show on January 20th.

Illionaire Records, Dok2’s music company where the rapper works as CEO, released the new track “RIATCH” through music distribution websites at midnight on January 21st.

The new track “RIATCH” is about the rap star’s life which was shared during Dok2’s appearance on Mnet’s 4 Things Show. The music video clip of the track was previously revealed in the latest episode of the show on the day before the track’s official release online.

The episode showed fans his luxurious home for the first time ever on TV. The large house with the wide view of Seoul was full of extraordinary display items. Particularly, the dress room that Dok2 considered his favorite place in the house was filled with hundreds of sneakers, the newest luxury fashion goods, seven of his car keys, and bundles of paper money.

Dok2 said, “I always count my money at home. I take photos of my money, my watches and other things and upload them on my SNS. Then people react, ‘Why are you showing off so much of your wealth?’

“I actually do not use money so often. Then sometimes I use it at once. Moneys are just pieces of papers. I am never swayed by money. I give 10,000 dollars to my mom every month.”

The rapper continued, “My childhood was never affluent. I have earned all this money by working hard  and fairly without doing any wrong. I just want to show it to others that they can do anything they want because I could do it too.”

Photo: Stills from Mnet’s “4 Things Show” of Dok2’s luxury home by Sports Chosun


Check out the music video of DOK2’s new single RIATCH:

Source: Sports Chosun