[★VIDEO] INFINITE H’s Dongwoo fulfills promise of crossdressing and shaving his legs

The hip-hop sub-unit INFINITE H (Hoya and Dongwoo) will in fact be releasing a new music video tomorrow and also showed proof that they have fulfilled their promise after their previous wins on music shows.

INFINITE H’s Dongwoo had confidently given his promise that he would shave his legs and crossdress if they won on two music shows during their last comeback. In fact, the two were able to bring home a total of five trophies during their promotional activities for title track “Pretty.”

Dongwoo finally fulfilled both promises, shaving his manly legs with tape and professional shaving gel with the help of his good friend Hoya. In a video where the two expressed their gratitude towards their fans, Dongwoo was specially dressed in a feminine pink dress, complemented with a bunch of flowers on his head. While Hoya seemed embarrassed by his partner, Dongwoo himself also could not hide his awkwardness, but gradually regained his confidence and even started singing and dancing to their junior Lovelyz’s “Hi~”.

Three weeks ago, images of the hip hop duo filming the music video for “As Long As You’re Not Crazy” off their second EP album Fly Again were shared through an Instagram account of the music video lighting director.

Meanwhile, INFINITE released their One Great Step Returns live concert album just last week, and leader Sungkyu is revealed to be in the midst of preparing for solo and group comebacks at the same time, while the group comeback has been confirmed for May.

INFINITE H’s special music video for “As Long As You’re Not Crazy” is to be unveiled on April 14th.

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Posted by INFINITE on Sunday, April 12, 2015