Double T.O.V drops MV for “More Than Good Guys”

Double T.O.V has officially released the music video for their first single “More Than Good Guys”

The song is very addictive, and the powerful horns mixed with a heavy hip hop flow throughout the track just makes you want to nod your head to the beat!

In the video, the brothers are busy running around the city, dancing as they play invisible trumpets. Sitting by graffiti and rapping at the camera lets the audience know that these guys run the streets. Check out the video at 2:36 when the boys goof off right in the middle of their music video, much to the surprise of the man sitting in front of them and the bystanders behind the duo.

Later in the video, the duo meets up with a group of high school guys wearing slippers and then proceeds to strut down the street. Dressed in cute and colorful clothes, the boys let us know loud and clear that they are here to stay.

The brothers from Yongin got their start on the show Superstar K6. They came out showing the original flair which impressed the judges on the show.

The last time that fans got to see them was when they battled with and unfortunately lost to girl group MICA last month, as they performed Ailee’s “Heaven.”

What do you think of the duo’s first single?