DSP Media introduces 2nd member from upcoming girl group April, Jinsol

DSP Media is preparing to debut their first girl group since Rainbow in 2009, introducing the second member of April on July 21st.

Going with a sweet girl concept, Jinsol is seen happily jumping into the air, from what can be assumed is a trampoline, barefooted. Additionally, she is seen smiling sweet down at an adorable sleeping puppy in her arms, who later wakes up.

The first group member to be introduced was Somin, who was previously introduced to the public through DSP Media’s Baby KARA, a show that attempted to find KARA‘s fourth group member following the leave of Nicole and Kang Jiyoung.

She was also featured in the DSP Friends‘ 2014 winter albumWhite Letter, along with trainee Chaewon, who is also expected to debut with the group April, previously known as DSP Girls.