EB of BlackSwan covers San E’s “Break Up Dinner”

On February 6th, EB of BlackSwan shared an addition to the BlackSwan’s Music Box collection with her dark cover of San E’s “Break Up Dinner.”

Although the original features the smooth vocals of PHANTOM’s Sanchez, the upcoming girl group member’s cover only featured a short, emotional rap portion. EB has shown the aggressive side to her rapping in previous videos and now slows it down for a mellow verse.

The video opens with the original dialogue heard in San E’s video. As EB sends undisclosed messages on her phone and warms her hands with her drink, the beat drops. Sporting a new short hairstyle, she soon spins her creative lyrics with the bookcase as her backdrop. In the latter half of the video, fans also get another sneak peek at the artist’s singing abilities as she ends the video by singing.

With the closing shot featuring an empty seat and an untouched drink, viewers are drawn into her short video’s moving storyline of a broken relationship.

BlackSwan is set to debut later this year under Nextar Entertainment, home of vocal powerhouse duo 2BiC. The group consists of rapper EB and vocalist Jessie.

Check out her unique cover below: