Eddy Kim and MAMAMOO’s Solar compare “Coffee & Tea” in collaboration MV

Eddy Kim and MAMAMOO‘s Solar have come together for a collaboration track titled, “Coffee & Tea,” for which the music video was released on May 28th.

Singer-songwriter Eddy Kim and MAMAMOO’s Solar have teamed up for a duet track by the name of “Coffee & Tea.” The two singers display their harmony and vocal talents through the track. The lyrics compare the girl to gentle tea and the guy to coffee which is full of caffeine. Both are different, but they go together.

The gentle melody and echo structure to the lyrics combine to create a unique Summer love song. The music video is set in a cafe where those who drink the coffee and tea or eat the cake instantly see red hearts and fall in love.

Check out the music video for Eddy Kim and Solar’s “Coffee & Tea” below!