EE shows off their unique artistic taste with MV for “WIGGY DAWN”

Digital dance and DJ duo EE showed off their unique artistic taste with a head-spinning music video for their track “WIGGY DAWN”. 

The music video started off with a serious of silly photos of the duo from what appears to be the screen of their computer. As the video progressed, however, things started getting interesting, with a video clip of member E. Yunjung popping out onto the screen.

Following the peculiar apperance of E. Yunjung’s head, the video began to introduce more strange photos, including mirrored pictures of the group, as well as odd photo-shopped images and other uses of editing effects. At one point, member E. Hyun Joon is even seen wearing bunny ears!

EE’s style has always involved shocking fans with their unique visuals as well as their intense beats, and “WIGGY DAWN” encompasses these very aspects. Make sure to check out EE’s creative music video for “WIGGY DAWN” below!