ELO reveals mysterious album cover for “Your Love”

On January 27th, Loco revealed AOMG’s newest artist, ELO’s mysterious album cover for “Your Love” on his personal Instagram account. 

The album cover showcased what looks to be a painting of ELO while white paint was cast across his face, leaving fans curious to know what he has planed for his upcoming debut. In addition to the portrait, the album cover mentioned the title of the upcoming track as well the news of The Quiett being featured on the song.

Prior to Loco releasing the album cover for “Your Love,” Jay Park shared a jacket photo for ELO’s debut through his Facebook page, revealing a dark blue textured photo of what looks to be created from spray paint.

ELO’s newest song, “Your Love” was produced by Gray and is scheduled to be released on January 28th.

Meanwhile, the artists and producers of AOMG celebrated their one year anniversary together on Decemeber 6th at Club Fix in Busan.

Take a look at the photo below: