English People React to Korean Drinks

In response to the popularity of their recent video featuring English people drinking BongBong, YouTube channel Korean Englishman released a fun video featuring English people tasting a variety of Korean drinks.

The video, which runs about seven minutes, features several different groups of English people, including an older gentleman, a trio of children, a pair of pastors, and more.

Trying a variety of drinks such as Milkis, Vita 500, and Corn Tea, the subjects showed mixed responses, but generally enjoyed the different beverages. Despite the general approval of Korean drinks, however, the video also featured several hilarious responses to the drinks. In one case, one of the pastors suggested that cinnamon punch tasted like a Jägerbomb (which is made of Jägermeister), prompting the others to explode in laughter and question how he knew what they tasted like.

Make sure to check out the hilarious video of English people trying Korean drinks below!