Epik High covers BIGBANG’s “Loser” with hilarious high notes

In support of their YG Entertainment labelmates BIGBANG, the members of Epik High released a short cover of the hit song “Loser” on Instagram. 

Posted on member Tablo’s Instagram account, the video shows the three members of the hipchop group enthusiastically singing along to the song and reading the lyrics off their phones.

The members of BIGBANG and Epik High are known to get along quite well, and have supported each other in their respective activities in the past. In fact, upon the release of BIGBANG’s single M, Tablo even recorded a short reaction video for the music video for “Bae Bae.”

Epik High isn’t the first to cover the newest hit by BIGBANG, and probably won’t be either. Grabbing multiple all-kills and already surpassing 10 million views since its release last week, “Loser” may have already become one of the most popular song releases of the year.

Make sure to check out Epik High’s short cover of BIGBANG’s “Loser” below!

콘서트전엔 목을 풀죠 #EPIKHIGH #힘겨워

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