Epik High releases “Born Hater” MV making of video ft. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, Mino and Bobby

A month after releasing their hit title track “Born Hater,” Epik High has unveiled the making behind their music video featuring Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, Mino and Bobby.

The artists are first introduced via a wanted poster, highlighting them in color, and Tukutz hilariously introducing himself as the “Hip-hop Carrot,” poking fun at himself in his bright orange suit. As the track to “Born Hater” plays in the background, unseen shots previously not included in the original music video as well as side commentating by the artists are displayed.

The rappers reveal the idea of the track, each of them illustrating their idea of a “hater.”

During the side interviews, Tablo revealed, “There have always been people or situations that came in my way of achieving my dreams. Mithra even dissed himself,” to which Mithra said, “Who am I to blame…it’s all my fault. Being fat, having a beard, everything is my fault.” He later further explains how he should not be eating salty food and the likes of “unhealthy” food as he is currently on a diet.

B.I shared that he does not have a “hater” as his mother taught him not to hate people. “My ‘hate’. I don’t have one. I don’t hate anyone. I learned I shouldn’t hate people from my mom.”

As the group’s manager, Tukutz confessed he personally contacted Beenzino and Verbal Jint to participate in the collaboration, in which the latter showed their thrill and excitement to join.

A cute scene is even included where Tablo’s actress wife Kang Hyejung sent the crew not a food and coffee truck to show her support! Tablo’s call to his wife and his little girl Haru is captured as he thanks them and shows his surprise.

Tablo leaves a wise statement at the end of the video, saying, “You’ll know when you see the music video filming site, and when you listen to the song, but it’s really fun, unlike what the lyrics say. It’s upbeat. It’s like now I am immune to being hated or criticized, or people getting in our ways, at least enough to talk about it. In a good way, I’ve matured. I hope after listening to this song, you realized this too shall pass, when you feel like nothing makes sense or ask yourself ‘what am I going to do?’. The day will come when you laugh about it with your friends and think, ‘How did I overcome it?'”.

Check out the video below with English subtitles!