EPIK HIGH reveals “Don’t Hate Me” from “2014 YG Family Tour” in Japan

On December 19th, YG Entertainment revealed the live video for EPIK HIGH’s performance of “Don’t Hate Me” from the 2014 YG Family Tour in Japan.

The video shows the three members of the group performing charismatically on stage. With a sea of fans singing along to the trio’s track off their 99 album, the energy of this stage is unmatched. Mithra, Tukutz, and Tablo are seen running around the large arena, getting close to fans on the sides of the coliseum.

The flashing multicolored spotlights and many backup dancers make the upbeat song’s mood contagious. Although a shorter version of the song than the official studio version, EPIK HIGH’s spirits are unaffected as they give their best rendition for concert attendees to enjoy.

In related news, the family concert tour recently finished its Seoul stop with success and will be releasing a concert DVD for those performances. Additionally, special photos of the Taiwan leg of the concert were revealed earlier, showing that fans all around the world enjoyed the incredible stages at the concert.

Check out their high-energy live stage here:

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