[★VIDEO] Epik High wins on Mnet M! Countdown with “Happen Ending”

On the October 30th broadcast of Mnet M! Countdown, Epik High took their first win and trophy for “Happen Ending”. Due to the special circumstances for the broadcast tonight, Epik High left their thanks via a video.

With Halloween just around the corner, M! Countdown aired a Halloween special, though broadcasting non-live past performances, as they played highlight video for the late rock idol Shin Hae Chul, who passed away on October 27th.

Epik High said, “Hello, we are Epik High. For everyone who have shown love for our album that we worked so hard on, thank you. This is our first award in a long time, and we’ll hold it in our hearts. We will continue to music that warms [the heart] of people. Thank you.”

In addition, Tablo took to his Twitter to further thank fans, posting, “Everyone who gave us our first award in six years, thank you…thank you so much…”

Congratulations to Epik High for their win!