EPIK HIGH’s Tablo catalogues his three hour wait for katsu

While on tour in Japan, EPIK HIGH members Tablo and Mithra decided to hop on a food adventure prior to their Yokohama stage.

The two made their way towards a katsu shop after hearing about its popularity. Little did they know, the shop was indeed immensely popular and they ended up waiting around three hours for the renowned meal. Tablo who is known for managing the groups’ Snapchat account and being very active across Twitter and Instagram made sure to keep fans updated on his journey to katsu.

This account led Tablo to express his gratefulness to fans who wait in line for concerts or other events, thanking them through Twitter while waiting in line. Eventually, he and Mithra were able to enjoy their katsu before heading off to their May 1st Japan concert!

The group sure has been busy, having just finished their performances at Coachella weeks prior.

Check out his chronicle below: