Eric Nam releases teaser video for “Dream” featuring 15&’s Jimin

On May 27th, singer Eric Nam uploaded a video teaser for his upcoming collaboration with 15&‘s Park Jimin, titled, “Dream.”

Earlier this month, it was revealed that solo singer Eric Nam would be releasing a collaboration with 15&’s Park Jimin. The track, “Dream,” is written by Sweetune and the proceeds will be donated to charity. Just a few days ago, Eric Nam revealed the track’s release date, which is set for May 29th.

Today, Eric Nam further teased fans by revealing a video teaser for the track. The teaser is thirty seconds long and features a section of the lyrics. The simple guitar melody is heard throughout the teaser, with only four seconds of Eric Nam’s vocals at the end, raising fans’ expectations for the song.

Check out the teaser for Sweetune’s project single “Dream” by Eric Nam featuring 15&’s Jimin below!

Source: CJENMMUSIC Official’s YouTube Channel