eSNa blows haters away with MAMAMOO’s “AHH OOP!” remake with “AHH! SHIT!”

Talented singer-songwriter eSNa makes an epic rewrite of hers and MAMAMOO‘s collaboration track “AHH OOP!“, this time geared towards her haters.

eSNa, who originally wrote and took part of the collaboration the track, uploaded her own version of the track and left a note to listeners and viewers, “To all my fans and non fans out there. Remember to love yourself and be strong. A person who learns to love themselves is the most beautiful. I hope you guys enjoy my little remake of my own song!!”

With English translations of her lyrics embedded into the YouTube video, eSNa gears her words towards haters and says that while she may not be pretty, she’s quite charming. She further goes on to say that many do not realize “AHH OOP!” was originally her song and an eSNa collaboration, not a MAMAMOO comeback, but is more than happy to overlook that fact.

The songwriter further shares that she doesn’t mind being compared to her senior Ra Mi Ran, and notes that “All you fucking haters can move right along, ain’t nobody got time for this.”

She further addresses haters who called her a pig, and rebukes with, “You can call me a pig, but I get called a musical genius,” and goes on to say, “Listen up people, it ain’t about the looks, I keep writing songs like ‘Some,’ I’m fucking beautiful the way I am. Don’t try and confine me in a messed up stereotype. I can’t have a conversation with someone who’s not at my level.”

Check out her remake below: