eSNa releases English version of MAMAMOO’s “Gentleman”

Korean-American singer and songwriter eSNa releases the English version of MAMAMOO‘s “Gentleman,” sharing her own English lyrics to the Korean song.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, eSNa first began her career on Youtube. She officially made her debut in Korea in August 2014 with “I, I Love You,” and has even showed her skills by helping create some of Korea’s best hit songs such as Soyou and Junggigo‘s “Some.”

Additionally, eSNa wrote MAMAMOO’s track “Gentleman,” which was released in November 2014 while also featuring in the song. Even though she originally sang the song in Korean, eSNa decided to write an English cover for “Gentleman” for her fans.

Filming her own music video for the song, eSNa’s sweet and soothing voice captures the same emotions that are present in the original song.

Check out the song below: