eSNa releases preview video for English track “Me, Today”

As a thank you to her fans, singer-songwriter eSNa released a preview video of her upcoming English track “Me, Today” on April 24th.

eSNa revealed the first verse of the track as she sincerely sang, “I hope you’re proud of me, I hope that you really are,” while she played the piano. She revealed that they full length track will be released as soon as the preview video of “Me, Today” reaches 10,000 views. After her goal, she will be releasing the English track on iTunes.

The singer-songwriter recently collaborated with MAMAMOO to release the track “AHH OOP!” on April 2nd. With the mixture of the unique voices from MAMAMOO and eSNa, the vocalists sang the funky dance track that was produced by eSNa.

In addition to “AHH OOP!” eSNa composed and released an English cover of MAMAMOO’s hit track “Gentlemen” earlier this year.