Eugene explains the back story of S.E.S’s disbandment on “Golden Fishery”

Though it’s been 13 long years since the members of legendary girl group S.E.S has parted ways, it appears that member-turned-actress Eugene still feels need the need to provide a clearer explanation for their fans.

Disbandment of beloved groups are always heavy to bear with, especially so when unsatisfying explanations are provided. Former S.E.S member Eugene attempted to give a clearer explanation behind the group’s disbandment on the January 18th broadcast of MBC’s Golden Fishery: Knee Drop Guru.

Eugene began with by clearing up the misconceptions by stating that, “If we were to re-sign with the company, we wished to sign and promote as S.E.S. However, the company offered us individual contracts. The re-signing didn’t go smoothly, so we just decided to go about our own way.”

She then went on to clarify that because the break-up took place at the height of their career, they decided that the best way to go about the disbandment was to do it in the coolest way possible.

The extent of the impact their disbandment caused only five years into their career as a group cannot be easily fathomed. Fortunately, Eugene, Shoo and Bada have each succeeded in their respective paths, proving that they are capable of both being in a top girl group as well as embracing their individual skills as musicians and actresses.

Eugene has gone onto making a name for herself as one of Korea’s top actresses, making appearances in a long list of notable films and dramas, including King of Baking: Kim Tak Gu. She is happily married to fellow actor Ki Tae Young, who appeared alongside her in the drama Creating Destiny, and is currently expecting their first child.

Source: Newsen