Evo releases photo teaser for upcoming single album

On March 26th, 2LSON Company took the initiative as they released Evo’s teaser photo for his upcoming single album.

Released through 2LSON Company’s Instagram, the teaser photo appear sleek and simple, shaped as a square while outlined in various shades of blue while the rest was in white. The teaser photo is sleek and simple, which allows fans to focus on the importance of the written information rather than the design.

The photo revealed that Evo’s single album will be released on April 2nd. Although the title of the song has not been revealed, fans have been sharing their excitement as they commented with their thoughts on Instagram.

The rapper is signed with 2LSON Company alongside other artists such as 2LSON, Le, and Kate. Evo was previously featured in 2LSON’s “Stay With Me” where he showcased his live rapping skills.