EXID show off their hilarious dancing skills to male K-Pop idol songs on “Weekly Idol”

EXID unveils all their charms as they participate in the random play dance for hit entertainment program, Weekly Idol. 

Appearing on the November 25th episode of the program, EXID showcased a different charm as they participated in the “Random Play Dance” dancing into a number of hit songs of various male idol groups. Outplaying the hosts with their candid moves, the members made a surprise medley as they danced precisely to BTS’ “I Need U,” EXO’s “Growl” and BEAST’s “Fiction.”

Aside from the EXID’s playful charms, the episode further gained attention as the episode was one of the recordings done with Jung Hyung Don before declaring his hiatus to recover from his health issues.

Check out EXID’s “Random Play Dance” below!