EXID dances to a Christmas themed “Up & Down”

The ladies of EXID got into the holiday spirit this year by sharing a Christmas themed dance practice video to their viral track, “Up & Down.”

This dance practice appears to be completely decked out with the holiday mood as the room is decorated with green and red tinsel. Snowflakes can be seen hanging from the ceiling and prop presents are in the background as well.

The members are dressed appropriately in red and black themed outfits, showcasing their holiday cheer. They also pick warm gloves and cute headbands to finish their holiday looks.

Although the dance practice video leans more on the laidback side as gloves and reindeer noses sometimes drop to the ground, the girls still show their sharp dance moves and fun-loving personalities in this video. Fans have commented with positive reviews of the group’s creative way of celebrating the season.

EXID was recently invited to perform as a guest performer at DJ DOC’s upcoming concert, 19 Gold Club Party. Additionally, their track “Up & Down” recently also reached the number one spot on Mnet music charts.

Check out their Christmas themed dance to “Up & Down” here: