EXID is edgy but sexy for their new single “Hot Pink”

EXID finally drops their anticipated comeback single Hot Pink, showing off their edgy new look while showing off an upgraded sexy feel.

Released on November 18th, EXID transforms into criminals as they sell illegal pink oil at the Tiger Gas Station (after Shinsadong Tiger) before getting caught by the law..or were they caught?

In a V App live airing to celebrate the release of their new single, EXID invited many of their friends for their event, including Super Junior’s Heechul, eSNA, FIESTAR’s Yezi, Gilme, Andup, and more. It was revealed at the time that another version was shown to Heechul which EXID noted that the music video has been edited (version below) due to being deemed too explicit by broadcasters.

Check out their new track below!