EXID participates in 1theK’s “#Hashtag” interview

On December 10th, girl group EXID graced 1theK‘s “#Hashtag” interview to talk about their track “Up & Down” and its recent success on the charts.

The ladies, dressed in white collared shirts and high-waisted navy jeans, begin the video with a short dance performance of their track.

After this dance performance, EXID does not hesitate to show off their vocals as well, delivering a few lines of the powerful song a cappella. The group shares the lyrics of the song describe the ups and downs of a relationship that are bound to happen with any couple. The girls continue to show their surprise at the good ratings their song received, giving comical facial expressions as their song climbed the charts.

Next, in a humorous segment, the members determine who has the best upper and lower body, eventually crowning Junghwa as the champion hottest member. Following this, they show off their various talents, first praising LE for her composition skills, then imitating her rapping voice.

In this laughter-filled segment, the members of EXID truly show off their genuine personalities and end the video by thanking fans for the continued support.

The popularity of “Up & Down” after its promotion cycles is due primarily to a fancam of member Hani that went viral.

Check out their video here: