EXID performs a beautiful acoustic version of “1M”

The members of EXID sat down, and performed a beautiful acoustic version of their track “1M” as they released a video on June 23rd.

EXID captured fans’ attention as member Hyerin introduced the melody of the track as she played the violin, leading up to the group revealing their vocals. As the video continued, the five-member group expressed how they felt about their love interest as they sang, “The closer I came, the father we get.”

“1M” is a track that is featured on their 2nd mini album which includes the songs “Without You,” “Delicate,” “Pat Pat,” “Ah Yeah,” and more. In addition to releasing their 2nd mini album, they released the music video for “Ah Yeah” on April 13th.

Meanwhile, the members of EXID recently completed their promotions for “Ah Yeah” and began resting for having a comeback in September.