EXID takes 1st place on Mnet M! Countdown for “Up & Down”

EXID has taken their first win for their track “Up & Down” on the January 8th episode of Mnet M! Countdown, over four months after its initial release.

Taken by surprise as the M! Countdown camerman approaches EXID in the practice room, the members’ faces were decorated with glee and shock as they accepted their first award since their debut in 2012. The girls were recorded crying, looking at their trophy with happiness.

EXID says, “We don’t know what to say, we’re speechless. We’d like to thank our members of our families and agency. We want to thank our fans as well. This is our first award. This is a very precious trophy. We will continue to work hard,” and screamed, “Mom! We won first place!” at the end of the video with giant smiles on their faces.

To celebrate their win, EXID gave an impromptu “Up & Down” performance in their street wear, holding on to their trophy.

“Up & Down” was released as a digital single on August 27th, 2014, and soon after stopping promotions, the track began rising on the charts after a fan’s video recording of EXID’s Hani performing the song went viral. Since then, the group has returned for a second round of promotions for the same track, something not usually done in the Korean music industry, and has stayed in the TOP10 since then.


Source: OSEN