EXID’s Hani breaks idol image in cute cover of Pipi Band’s “Strawberry”

After watching a hilarious video of EXID‘s Hani covering Pipi Band‘s classic song “Strawberry,” fans have complimented the singer for breaking her idol image. 

Wearing an oversized T-shirt and large glasses, Hani looked very relaxed and comfortable as she played on her iPad in her room. With music playing in the background, the EXID singer seemed quite relaxed, when suddenly she started singing to the song out loud.

Not caring about her appearance or her image as a sexy and reserved celebrity, Hani belted out the lines of the song, and even laughed at her own silliness. After enjoying the hilarious and short video, fans have showered Hani with compliments, praising her honesty and calling her adorable.

Make sure to check out Hani’s cute cover of “Strawberry” below!