EXID’s Hani celebrates Chuseok with her younger brother

EXID’s Hani revealed a photo with her good-looking younger brother as they spent family time together on Chuseok day.

On the 26th, Hani uploaded a collage photo on her Instagram account of her and her younger brother at a cafe together. The two siblings can be seen enjoying their long-awaited cafe date, due to Hani’s brother taking his vacation time from serving in the military at the moment.

Hani and her brother draw attention for their good looks while sporting couple knit sweaters. Hani’s fans left comments about Hani’s beauty along with comments about how attractive her younger brother is.

The photo description Hani wrote on her post reads, “The photo I took and the photo my mom took for us. We are wearing couple tee. My dongseng♡”

In addition the collage photo, Hani posted a selca photo wishing everyone a “happy Chuseok.”

A post shared by 하니🌹 (@ahnhani_92) on

A post shared by 하니🌹 (@ahnhani_92) on

Source: Dispatch