EXID’s Hani reveals she has no plans to date yet

On the latest episode of KBS’ Entertainment Relay, EXID’s Hani revealed that she has no plans to date anytime soon. 

EXID appeared Entertainment Relay on April 18th, talking about their latest, sexy choreography for “Ah Yeah,” among other topics.

Hani revealed that she initially had a difficult time getting the sexy feel for the dance, before nailing it down: “The choreography teacher told me I wasn’t sexy enough so I practiced hard.”

The idol also talked about the possibility of her dating, sharing, “This isn’t really time for me to date. My situation doesn’t really allow me to take care of someone else.”

However, rather than comforting her fans, Hani’s statement only fueled suspicions as many netizens left bitter comments noting that many idols who say they won’t date are often the first ones to date.

1. [+5,287, -262] But saying stuff like this only gets you hate in the end because people will use it against you when you end up getting into a dating scandal later

2. [+4,739, -72] That’s right, row the boat hard while the water’s in

3. [+3,847, -124] It’s the time for her to be making money from ‘Up & Down’ fame ㅋㅋ

4. [+3,108, -450] Reality is that they’re all dating secretly anyway

5. [+2,035, -263] Don’t date, Hani ㅜㅜㅜ

6. [+471, -37] I’ve noticed that people who say things like this are always the first ones to date. EXO’s Baekhyun said the same thing and he’s dating now. I’m not saying dating’s bad but at least be responsible for your words.

7. [+337, -17] Always be careful with your words

8. [+298, -24] Please only say something if you can be responsible for it

9. [+289, -29] Uh oh… people who say things like this are usually always in relationships.. just don’t get caught~!

10. [+243, -14] Have to be careful with this stuff ㅎㅎ because your fans will turn into your antis if you get caught later.

Source: X Sports