EXID’s so sexy they have to be censored in comeback MV, “AH YEAH”

EXID has been keeping their fans in suspense and excitement for the past hours, releasing a new set of comeback teaser images ahead of their title track music video release!

Starting with Solji, followed by Junghwa, LE, Hyerin, and finally Hani, the individual images were released with ten-minute intervals. The girls posed against a vibrantly-colored wallpaper, while giving their charismatic stares into the camera. Each member was also styled in similar hip hop outfits, revealing their abs while complementing the look with a denim jacket over themselves.

The music video for their title track “AH YEAH” was revealed today on April 13th at noon KST after much anticipation since the release of their full version of their performance from their comeback showcase yesterday.

EXID also recently revealed their thoughts on making a comeback during this time, competing with strong contenders such as EXO, miss A, and BIGBANG.