EXO-K endorses Baskin Robbins with a cheerful Christmas CF

As Christmas gets closer, EXO-K helps fans celebrate through their playful CF for Baskin Robbins’ Christmas themed ice cream cakes.

With their own individual cakes fit for the preference of the customer, EXO-K displays a variety of Christmas cakes while sponsoring Baskin Robbins. The boys show off their colorful and creative cakes in their CF while having a little fun with special effects. Christmas music plays in the background as the members present their cakes one by one. The different cakes get a close shot of one slice while the boys take a bite of each cake, verifying its taste.

EXO-K concludes their CF saying their phrase, “We are one” and sit together around a large stocking surrounded by presents. Each cake sponsored by each member consists of a different theme that is still related to Christmas. At the same time, they came up with creative names to match with the style of the cake.

Besides the cake, EXO-K also sponsors Baskin Robbins’ ice cream Flavor of the Month, “Winterberry Chip.” On their poster it writes, “Would You Berry Me?”


Suho‘s “Sweet Home”

EXO-K Baskin Robbins CF

Baekhyun‘s “Christmas Forest”

EXO-K Baskin Robbins CF

Chanyeol‘s “Cube Togehter”

EXO-K Baskin Robbins CF



D.O‘s “Aurora Village”

EXO-K Baskin Robbins CF

Kai‘s “Winter Village”

EXO-K Baskin Robbins CF

Sehun‘s “Snowball”

EXO-K Baskin Robbins CF


Source: Asiae Newssuhoangel_522

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