EXO-K’s D.O, ZE:A’s Siwan and Apink’s Eunji named as top acting-dols

According to professional critics, for the year of 2014, EXO-K‘s D.O has been recognized as the best idol-turn-actor, followed by ZE:A‘s Siwan and then by Apink‘s Eunji.

On December 6th’s broadcast of KBS2 entertainment program Entertainment Weekly, the producers of the show gathered a list of around 40 acting idols and used the list to obtain criticism and feedback from 10 people who are specialists in popular culture. One of the critics expressed, “He expressed himself well in his role of being an illusion“, referring to D.O’s acting attempt for drama It’s Okay, That’s Love. Another commendable statement for D.O was, “An acting idol who improved the fastest“.

D.O in It's Okay, That's Love
Photo: MBN

In 2014, D.O’s acting projects include SBS drama It’s Okay, That’s Love and the film Cart, Siwan acted in MBC drama Triangle and tvN drama Misaeng, while Eunji acted in KBS drama Trot Lovers.

D.O participated in his acting project for the SBS hit drama It’s Okay, That’s Love earlier in the year, where he played the character of Jo In Sung‘s illusions. D.O later than joined the cast for his debut movie appearance in Cart, which was hailed the top selling film for November. Besides lending his voice to sing the movie’s OST, D.O was also complimented by Cart co-star Yeom Jeong Ah, who hoped that her son will be like him.

Source: MBN