[★VIDEO] EXO-K’s Kai and D.O. endorse Baskin Robbins cakes in CF

Kai and D.O. from EXO-K have released their individual CF’s for Baskin Robins’ Christmas cakes collection.This Christmas you can choose one of 6 special cakes that are designed with inspiration from EXO-K. The cakes includes Suho‘s “Sweet Home,” Baekhyun’s “Christmas Forest,” Chanyeol’s “Cube Together,” D.O.’s “Aurora Village,” Kai’s “Winter Village,” and Sehun’s “Snowball.”

In a brown leather jacket and black jeans, Kai starts off the CF with an adorable little dance while holding two spoons. He then goes off into more powerful and charismatic choreography. As he eats a little piece of the cake a voiceover of Kai is heard saying “Which style is your Christmas?

D.O. starts his CF with a bow and then conducts with his two spoons as he whistles along to the tune. As an actor D.O. easily expresses multiple emotions in a short amount of time as he eats his ice cream playfully. He also asks the same question as Kai, “Which style is your Christmas?

Check out the two CF’s below and see which style fits you best this Christmas!