Is EXO preparing for a new music video shoot?

On May 15th, a fan-led Weibo interview with EXO member Lay revealed that the singer has a music video shoot in his upcoming schedule.

During the interview, the fan asked about Lay’s busy schedule flying between Korea and China for his new movie and EXO’s promotional schedules, to which Lay quickly relayed that although exhausting, he felt it was worth it because it was for his group.

Later, he was asked if he felt he was lacking during his first movie shoot, and he replied that he really had to work on his Mandarin because he had many bloopers with just speaking the language.

When asked how he felt now that he had completed his first filming for his upcoming Chinese movie, he said “I think it improved a little but not as much [as it could] because I haven’t had time to attend classes.”

He continued, “Because if you look at it, after filming for the movie, another [project] premiered; after it premiered I had to prepare for the new song, return to South Korea to prepare a new music video. There really isn’t much time but if there is, I would definitely go to classes.

Fans have speculated whether or not the Chinese member confirmed a new music video with his statement as some argue that in context, he was speaking about his past schedule and having to return to South Korea to film for “Call Me Baby” while others strongly argue that because he referred to his recent movie shoots, he must be confirming that a new music video is in the works for EXO.

Many fans are hoping that this news is a sign that EXO will be filming a new music video for a repackaged release of their latest album EXODUS. 

SM Entertainment has yet to confirm any of this news.

Below is a fan uploaded English-Subbed version of the video: