EXO-Ls Furious, Accuse Monsta X Of Blatantly Copying EXO’s Signature Dance Move

Rookie male group Monsta X has come under fire from EXO-L (fans of popular male group EXO) for allegedly stealing a dance move from the group. 

Upon seeing a recent performance from Monsta X, EXO-Ls were shocked to see that the group was using a signature move from EXO’s “Growl” in their dance. Some fans have defended Monsta X on the basis that the dance move, which had the boys boost themselves off the floor briefly before falling back down and transitioning to a floor routine, was quite common and indistinguishable. However, many EXO-Ls have refuted these claims, instead insisting that Monsta X change their choreography in respect for EXO.

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Source: Pann

Check out the full music video for EXO’s “Growl” below: