[★VIDEO] EXO members experience the life of an EXO-L

Supporting an idol is not an easy task and recently, the members of EXO got a chance to experience what it is like to be an EXO-L.

In an interview aired on May 8th, EXO members were given missions based on what EXO-Ls had to do in support of the group. The first mission, at 3:17 of the clip below, reads, “Today we specially designed #Pathcode missions. EXO, experience the feelings of EXO-Ls!

The members were then asked to complete a crossword based on the letters of “EXODUS” and “Call Me Baby.” However, after staring blankly at the camera, the members were not able to figure out the puzzle and were given the answers.

As punishment, they were asked to dance, have a staring contest, and guess which member a hand belongs to simply by touching it. Chanyeol and D.O. even re-enacted a scene from their web drama EXO Next Door, with D.O. as the female character!

Next, a mission was given for them to watch their own performance of “Call Me Baby” while doing the fan chants normally done by EXO-Ls. Xiumin honestly admitted that he didn’t know all of the fan chants, while Chen confidently revealed that he knows it all. With the help of the captions, EXO was able to enthusiastically complete the fan chants with added free-style lines.

At the end, EXO was given a chance to experience what it is like to open up an album and see which member they got for the photo card. Upon seeing the photo card he received, Baekhyun joked, “Ah, I got Chen. What should I do?“, to which Chen responded, “You should cherish it!

Maknae Sehun then picked on his oldest hyung Xiumin, saying, “Mine is Xiumin hyung~ but I’m not in a very good mood.” In the end, even with EXO’s superpowers, none of them managed to get their own photo card.

Watch the fun-filled interview below!