[★TRENDING] EXO members flustered as Baekhyun mentions OT11

On May 31st, EXO performed in Shanghai for the second night in a row, and a slip of a tongue by Baekhyun has caught many fans’ attention.

During the talking portion of the concert, Baekhyun noted, “This is the 10th time that you’ve heard us talking about the lightstick,” implying that he was the 10th person to speak. However, as only 9 members performed at the concert, it was not possible for Baekhyun to be the 10th member to talk about the lightstick.

EXO-Ls were quick to point out that Baekhyun was the 10th member to speak, just before Tao, when EXO performed as a 11-member group. While some fans argue that Baekhyun actually mentioned OT12, as leader Suho often spoke after Tao, others pointed out that Suho usually also spoke before Baekhyun once and then again at the end, and therefore he likely implied OT11.

Baekhyun and other EXO members appeared to have realized the implications of the tongue slip, as Chen and Xiumin appeared flustered while Baekhyun begged not to get translated.

Watch the incident below at around 3:05.